In self pity I have found a sweet soft hurt
And blurred the lines between alright and hateful words
So come one all you so-called friends and give it to me straight
Just pump me full of numb until my eyes dilate

I'm not happy no, but I'm fine
I've left myself a little broken up in an attempt to get by
I'm not happy no, but I'm fine
Lower the shoulder and push on forward
And hope that this will all work out

In retrospect I find it funny how I can't recall
The last time I laughed at something that was funny at all
Now something's got to give and the only one who is
Is me so you see

If I said I was happy then I lied
It's a war from day to day and the nurses strike without their pay
So I'm content to settle on being small and not so nice
If I could get the point across that I am flailing and imprecise

I cannot do happy but I can fake my way through fine
Won't someone please just open up their eyes
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Derailed Lyrics

While We're Up – Derailed Lyrics