Sunset memories sing to us sweetly
As I hold your hand, and time it just passes us by
And every second tonight comes in painful disguise
Reminders that I'm leaving with the morning's light

Do you remember the first time we ever touched
The way your eyes burned from the fire inside of us
Well, angel, tonight's just the same now
And tonight's all we have now...

So hold me close and hold me tight
When summer comes, it'll be alright

I swear I've never felt more alive than now
Pick me up, hold me up, just hold onto me
If I could I'd make it last somehow
I love you, say you love me... that's all I'll ever need.

Tender heart-beats, and breathing softly
As we savor the air shared between us
And I swear I won't forget, the feel of your fingertips
Or every smile I've ever traced across your lips

Seasons change and feelings pass, we wonder how long this will last
Tears fall down and holding tightly, when summer comes...
... you know you'll find me here
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Hold Lyrics

While We're Up – Hold Lyrics