I make her go like... (know what I mean mate)
When I... (poke her face)
I make her go like...
When I... (listen it's Werd sos)

I make her go like ow (ow) she really want to blow
But she does that that right on her own
She grown moan hit it like ow
Lassie is a dog and dog get the bone
(Ow ow) You know that I shagged her
Poked her face like that Lady Gaga
She likes that like Dolce & Gabbana
Prada rappers dressed in a manor
Rather hot get shot by the cameras
Not by the hammers she is the damage
Don't like me just a c*** with a swagger
Well so what I still whistle like clangors (woo)
But I want no marriage
I want you tonight and that matters
(No shit) So I'm on the flow
And I hope your not so a can make you go like

(What) When I...
I will make you go like...
When I... (shit look, doll)

I'm a rapper can I rap you?
With no wrapper can I tap you?
Yo I'm sorry where are my manors?
Do you want a drink yip here is a magners
No wait no she don't drink ciders
Ok how about a lager?
Aw no you want a piГ±a colada
When that's too dear so dear you get nada
Oh dear oh dear getting daggers
From her boyfriend shit she a slapper
But she want the (uh) it don't matter
If he wanna come up to me he's getting paggerd
Get smashed hit with the glass
I take his bitch and I'm hitting her (ow)
You know you ken we go
So hen let me take you and make you go ow

When I...

Healthy doll she jack like a robbery
Just like a holiday beach is pure quality
Monogamy nah get it tight like your mocking me
Hen get the c*** in you
Ken that's my thought the day
Hey, you can walk with me don't talk to me
That will put you off if you hear what I got to say
Cause I'm not like the me in your mind state
Don't want your name cause your not getting mine babe
Oh wait you know who I am
Damn that's gonna fuck up my plan
How can I ditch you at dawn?
When the morn youв¬"ll see me on stage when I'm on
I want you kept I write you a song
Girls that I love but to me it's wrong
I do it with ease like the E's I'm on
Your easy to please I just write a song like

Dedicated to the females
Let me poke your face
I will make you go like... (what)
When I...
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Poker Face Lyrics

Werd – Poker Face Lyrics