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Steppin Stone Lyrics

Werd – Steppin Stone Lyrics

What are you like you say that it's shite
Like whenever I write they say aye right
But it's my life and here is a mic
So to be honest mate I will do what I like
I used to invest in some bars of weed
But these days these bars are like all I need
Some pubs and the clubs give my heart for the diamonds
Until I get the spade and I'm buried in the silence
Underground but I aim for the clouds
I got my feet on the ground well at least for now
I need bread got the yeast the now
I'm trying to heat it up a little or I'm trickling out
But every track every track is a stepping stone
I move past like fuck who I'm stepping on
I love the scene it's all peace don't get me wrong
But sometimes I feel it's all just a stepping stone
Maybe not maybe I was just getting stoned
Thinking about my life too much as I was getting on
Maybe I should call quits and just switch my tone
Maybe so but no cause this is home
And it's my life and this is my mic
So hear me out mate this is what I'm like
It's just a thought or maybe not
Thinking my cd was something to cop
See I thought people would start buying
Thought they would come to the shows stop lying
Thought they would show respect for me trying
Maybe next day see a new son rising
Things don't happen like that
Couple years later I'm still sat at the back
Still have to live while having the fact
I always been a fucking loser I just happen to rap
But every track every track is a stepping stone
I move past like fuck who I'm stepping on
As I jump to the next I get better known
But still ain't really shit that's why I moan
Like these guys don't even say nothing
Drugs and the guns then it's back to the fronting
I swear mate I should of see it coming
Fakes the new real if I quote Joe Budden
I roll my weed and put another bud in
Knock at my door and I go and let my bud in
Another day mate and all we do is nothing
I'm bored of this beef turn my back to the fronting
See raps full of zombies and I ain't dead yet
Killing uk cunts thinking it's Dead Set
Yes cause I dead sets ok now get set
Run tracks fuck rap this is the next step
Record on a pc it's still poor quality
But every time I do it it's still pure quality
Never take holiday one of my policies
Don't like the law so fuck what the police says
Putting up notices asking you to notice me
Just get my voice and my name so you know it's me
You want to slag great take a note of you
See you at a show with a blade and I'm poking you
Just joking mate I know it ain't fair though
I'm not in your circle so you ask me for square goes
If I had a gun shoot at clowns like some fair shows
Scotland stand up but I take a chair though
Cause people here first still act like it's their turf
Don't want the new kids like adoption at birth
It's like I'm adopting and plotting the worst
Thing to come out of Scotland since they heroin fucks
But every track every track is a stepping stone
I move past like fuck who I'm stepping on
If your offended by something I say
Then Say it to my face or get the fuck out the way
I went the fuck out the way just to make a cd
Done production and cutting you know it was me
All the pressing the stressing the artwork you see
Used to think ad just rap how blind could I be
I should of had cds they got held back
That was? Mate I can't help that
Who to deal with I wasn't telt that
I learn from mistakes I just hope that they shelf that
And this rap thing is killing me
Looking at the real like it really ain't real to me
Got to get a deal the day and that's what dealing with
But your so touchy you really ain't feeling me
So I write a verse start putting it down
Only for a bunch of cunts to start putting me down
It's like they was stupid to doubt
It's me and Deek mate we ain't needing you now
Cause every track every track is a stepping stone
I move past like fuck who I'm stepping on
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