[Movie Sample - The Joker]
See to them you're just a freak
Like me

Scottish rap a joke?
Well call me the

The Joker (with echo) [x4]

Knock knock who's there? Werd cunt Werd who?
Never heard of him so ken what fuck you
Don't ring a bell so you had to go and knock
Now a knock knock knock until the fucking doors broke
I'm Scottish I'm not milking a thing
That's the main fucking reason that the phone don't ring
That I'm not picked up so label all you like
But no label so I'm able just to breakout on the mic

So three UK's walk into the bars
A Scottish an Irish but the English went hard
So the other two left and you laugh at expense
And the Welsh he can't even kick it with them
I'm the joker

The Joker (with echo) [x4]

Ha ha ha here I go second verse
Seen this scene and it seemed like a circus
This rap ting aint me but I murk it
And that's tongue in cheek no cheek see a cunt spit
Right in his accent no faking my actions
Writing and acting is not going to happen
If rapping so happens to be something daft then
Call me a joke and folk just keep laughing
I'll keep on lapping you all on the tracks then
Run right pass tap you all on the backs then
Sprint up ahead switch lanes and I past them
In big clown shoes can't fit in these bastards
Big clown shoes can't fit in these bastards
Had to say it twice cause sometimes I'm too fast for
Midge little rappers nippy little bastards
At least take a joke I'm a joke try harder
Yeah try harder I'm having a laugh man
I'm past break point over the damn limit with my lyrics
I'm a Joker

The Joker (with echo) [x4]

See Riddlah's the Riddlah and Wardie's the Rap-man
I am the Joker and you will get a bat man
Plus I am two faced and I am Robin
All your damn fans God damn I am rocking
Caution don't use that when I'm talking
Say what I like like fuck hip hop and
All of your laughing you're lacking the passion
I'm rapping I'm rapid I rip it I'm smashing

So why so serious? You aint even near to this
Tell fools stop full stop yeah period
Why so serious? You aint even near to this
This is a joke I'm a joke are you hearing this?

Ha ha ha he he ho ha
Get on you tits like lifting the bra
Wait I'm dyslexic lifting the bar
It's over your head when I push it up a
La-de-da hit them like ahh
Hit like a hook get the hook who am I?
(The Joker) Fucking right
Rest of you cunts need to go and write

Your getting left
I got Jigz on the beat
Shout out Auld Reekie and I'm

The Joker (with echo) [x4]
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The Joker Lyrics

Werd – The Joker Lyrics