Featuring*Stacks [Urban
say there mama Now
won't you say how do you do I
got some business and it's dealing with you So
won't you came and give a nigga yo number So
I can hit you up later don't, you worry bout coming Now
listen tell yo friend and yo sista too So
we can get down with this groove Stacks
and Urban yeah we stay off the chain Leaning
we be up in the club b tches*screaming our names We
tell them watch out Cuz
a lot of them girls they, willing and worried Bout
whe we enter into the club yeah we be by the bar We
them superstars when we pull into the lot B
tches*sweating our cars You
know Stacks in a Benz and Urban's- i'm in a Hummer We
got the ice that makes it feel Cold
up in the summer And
if you're feeling this then put yo hands up And
if you're feeling this then put yo hands up [Pre-Chorus]
there mama you got a thang goin on Better
watch out i been watching all night long It
ain't a problem til we ride til the break of dawn And
I ain't talking bout the cellular phone I
be I, be talking bout the after party now Everybody
steady sipping Bacardi now Find
the girls that be acting naughty And
bring them home with me You
better watch out when you see these pimps Ya'll
be strung out oh girl I know that you can hold out Me
and Stacks floating with ends let's get it poppin no lie Hold
on [Stacks]
know who's back with some hoes Cuz
we go roll out where you coming from homey You
ever seen a thug walk you know how we do Don't
need no bodyguards nigga Urban's my crew I
see you shacking that ma you need to hitch a ride home Check
out my wrists and baby and wig It's
every color on that rainbow Don't
you understand straight we be Pimpin
like this we just some men in here sipping And
niggas spitting to get a b tch*Ain't
no missing- the hits are just coming so don't be running from kid Who
wants to kick it with you G's
ya'll know the game in and out like a vetern Hold
up you, ain't heard this Stacks and Mystic Ask
them b tches*when we just turn them into statistics [Pre-Chorus]
there mama Bring
them home to me [Urban
Mystic] Nigga
watch that When
I step up into the club Niggas
see that I got a bottle of Bub Cuz
i'm a soldier thought I told ya Cuz
when I come on this mic i'm taking over They
call me Urban cuz i'm serving on the strip In
my excrusion Steadily
pullin them girls with short skirts And
never mind them haters Snitches
& b tches*all they want to do is get my riches Ain't
having that I be damned if i'm let a let a nigga touch that All
I gotta do is hit my boy Stacks and we gone Bring
it to the table let them know that they're able To
buy the sony table [Pre-Chorus]
there mama you got a thing Bring
them home to me Bounce
wit me
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Watch Out Lyrics

Urban Mystic – Watch Out Lyrics