Well, well, well, well
This is for that lady
Hey miss lady my eyes on you
You walking like nothing goin on
But I know the truth... Yes I do
You really ain't happy with your man
So girl i'ma let you know
I'm tired of being friends (yes I am)
I know you want it
Just like I want it
So girl jump on it
If you're feeling really horny
So if you see me in the hood
And I'm looking all good
I'll be rolling with Coogi Top
Won't you holla at a G
Cuz you know it's on me
It ain't a thing to make the ballers pop
(girl hit me)
You can hit me in the morning
Hey girl you ain't gotta be lonely
I know your man ain't home
He laeving you alone
Just hit me on my cellular phone
[Verse 2:]
Come on let your hair down girl
Cuz we gonna have a hell of a time
Have a hell of a time
Me and you
What you wanna do
I know a place
I'll take you there
A place where we can work it baby
I'll take you there
A place where you can twerk it for me
I'll take you there
Ain't nobody racist (nah, nah)
I'll take you there
Ain't no frownin faces
I'll take you there
(I... Oh, I... I know a place)
I'll take you there
(repeat 2x)
[Chorus 3x]
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Hit Me Lyrics

Urban Mystic – Hit Me Lyrics