Lil mama got a s*** walk
With a s*** talk
Make me say good Lord
Every time that I see you girl
I wanna find a way to get her in my world
She knows just what she do when she walk past me
In her high heel shoes
She make a nigga wanna get her to the penthouse
And let her lay on my Chinchilla fur couch
Miss lady you s***
I wanna get up in you if you let me
And ain't worried bout nothing
Cuz I'm gonna get you home tonight
Home tonight (can't nobody)
Don't dare stop us
Cuz they don't know
What it just cost us
Whatever it takes girl
I gotta get you home tonight
Home tonight
Tell me
Is it any room on the scene
For a nigga like me to get
Between your sheets
I think about your french pedicure
And the shoes you wear
On you Halle Berry looking feet
I'm really diggin your jazzy ways
Your lil vibrant thang
And every thang you say
It ain't nothing but a thang to me
And eventually you gonna see (well)
Can't nobody do you like Urb gonna do
(like Urb gonna do)
We can get it poppin in the back of the Hummer H2
(of the Hummer H2)
Can't nobody compare to a nigga like me
(a nigga like me)
And we can get freaky in the back of the H2
[Repeat Chorus]
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Gotta Get U Home Lyrics

Urban Mystic – Gotta Get U Home Lyrics