You think you can satisfy me (uh huh)
You can't satisfy me
What you bringing to the table man (a lot more than that)
I hope so anyway
You can't even get next to me (with that)
No, it takes a lot more than that
Buddy come on (a lot more than that man)
Bring it on poppy
Bring it on
I'll buy you a 600 black Mercedes
I'll fly from the east to the west coast baby
I... Will do anything just to make you...
All you gots to do is call my name
And baby i'll make you...
Say I will do anything
Just hear you scream my name
All you gotta do is call on me
And i'll be there in a hurry
Don't give a damn what a player hater say
Cuz you know that you my baby
You got me going bout 180
Cuz your love just drives me crazy
[Repeat Chorus]
[Verse 2:]
And you can hit me up in the morning
You can hit me up in the evening
And i'll be there when you call
Even when you're at the mall
Ah girl it don't matter the reason
Cuz lil mama it's flossin season
My heart beeping, I don't know if it's breathing
Cuz horse said daddy take it easy
Cuz you wanna do to me just teasing
But I'm real baby please believe me
[Repeat Chorus]
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Satisfy Lyrics

Urban Mystic – Satisfy Lyrics