I've seen so many kids over the years
A few years come and go and they disappear
Punk rock is not a trend its a fucking life style
Yet so many fade out after a while
When you grew up and deserted the scene
Found the american nightmare is the american dream
Your ideas changes as you matured and grew
The system you despised now controls you
Where have you gone?
You faded away
You faded away, now you're gone
So many scream the kids are united
Then they grow up and become divided
Don't look down on us, cause we won't change like you
Who gave you the right to write the rules
Work five days a week and you slave nine to five
Well half your life you lived a lie
I thought I knew you, man I was fooled
You have gone and let the system trap you
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Where Have You Gone? Lyrics

Unseen – Where Have You Gone? Lyrics