Been a while since I've seen any constructive ideas
Nothing new, smash the state, smash the hate and
Smash the fear
Alright now how about coming off that cloud
Put in prospective, let's start small
If we're not going to come together and be a sizeable force
We're going to have to start out small and build it more
And more
Let's use an old idea and start our own community
We must work together, if we are to work towards living free

They must think it's all a joke
We laugh at them and they laugh right back
We talk and talk and talk and yell
But is there any chance of attack

This is not a selfish act of "fuck the rest of the world"
Think about it for a second, if our message could be heard
Production would be high, since everything would be free
We could feed and cloth the starving of the poorest countries
Development would rocket setting examples for the world
States would loose support when they see what
We've unfurled
Our small community could overcome the factions
The masses will not act 'till they see it put to action!
Is there any youth left in the culture?
Is there any culture left in the youth?
What are we waiting for? Them?
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What Are We Waiting For? Lyrics

Unseen – What Are We Waiting For? Lyrics