If you're sick and disease stricken
The system's got the cure that your not getting
Getting unless you're one of the elite
And that's the only way that your illness can be beat
With a nice insurance policy their eyes light up
These rich bastards doctors are shady and corrupt

To make a million dollars off of someone's pain
Those heartless fuckin bastards have no fuckin shame
Medicines and treatment they should all be free
But that will never happen in our society

If your broke, unhappily they take you in
If your heavily insured you should see their fuckin grin
As you pop your pills, they pop their champagne
As your paying off your debt, they're boarding a plane
Your misfortune pays for their vacation
And the million dollar houses they reside in
They don't care about your health, only their wallets
Their greed is a disease and we got to stop it

Greed is a disease
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Greed Is A Disease Lyrics

Unseen – Greed Is A Disease Lyrics