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Yamaha Lyrics

UnoTheActivist – Yamaha Lyrics

[Hook: UnoTheActivist]
Ride me like a Yamaha, yea
Dunk right on his hoe, yea
Tommy hawk, yea
And I'm havin swag, yea
Buy it off me
Oooh buss right at his head put him in a coffin
Whoa , Cali tree I hardly am coffin
Oooh I remember back when I had lost it
All, came back like a fuckin zombie
Ya , soak that in like a fuckin spongy

[Verse 1: UnoTheActivist & Lil Duke]
Lil Duke:
I can't inside if I can't take my gun
All these bitches screaming they know I'm the one
I will kill one of these fuck niggas for fun
Duke my dog he wit me like muhfuckin hunts
All my niggas wit me we gone run it up
Use to be broke now we in them Bentley trucks
Im just trying to get money and live it up
Keep my name out yo mouth if you don't make enough
Oh, I'm tryna go gold
And my boy shoot like a solider
You will get clapped like magnolia
You didn't know
Why the fuck you a have a note
Check my clothes
No I can't tell you the sto'
Bankroll bankroll bankroll bankroll
I did a 40 for a show
I did a 40 need some mo
Need perks need mo'
You on a xan you need some mo
I just wanna sip lean till I'm on the floor sleep, eyes closed


[Verse 2: Lil Duke]
Use to be running and ducking on cops
Trap In the spot you can run up a block
Money over bitches don't need no thot
Heard he was talking crazy point him out
Duke the blue devil done ran up a knock
Imma grinding till I hit the top
Remember them days I was on the block
Imma keep goin and they just want my spot
Stay in my lane and I gotta keep goin
Uno he wit me not shooting for fun
Lil nigga but my pockets on Pun
Diamonds they shining they don't I don't need no sun
Pull up and hop out them niggas start running
Flipping and turning that money like laundry
Get off yo ass and go get you some money
Run that shit up and you can't trust nobody


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