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Pissy Pamper Lyrics

UnoTheActivist – Pissy Pamper Lyrics

Well, well, well, look what we have here
You know, said you was very dedicated to this shit (I am dedicated)
You know, I told you, after death is life forever, man
Don't be afraid to die
I'm just steerin' the wave
(Uno, I killed it)

Yeah (Yeah)
Eyes rolling back, I see myself within
I will never take another pill again
I was told I had just to fuck your friend (Let's go)
In that pussy, I think I'm going in
Fuck bad bitches every day of the week (Yeah)
She's a bad bitch but a freak in the sheets (Huh)
She's a bad bitch but she real in the streets
I got all this ice on me, I am not going to freeze (Brr)
Yeah, monkey nuts sit on the Drac' (Ooh)
Come in from the side like a flank (Dig)
Not a virgin, I do not shoot blanks (Yeah)
And these niggas not soldiers, no rank (Yeah)
I got the gas in the tank
Walk in this bitch wit' a mink (Ooh)
Walked up in that bitch (Yeah)
Walk in that bitch and she faint (Yeah)
You having some drank but it's fake
I'm sippin' it right out the pint
That's a fur stock seat in the Wraith
That lil' bitch you won't leave like a race
Little disappointment in her face
Man, I hate when I grab and it's fake
All that booty you gave me, that's fake
Safe, safe (Yeah), safe, safe (Yeah)
Safe, safe (Yeah), safe, safe (Ooh)
I got racks in the safe, straps in the safe (Yeah)
And your hoe, she ain't safe, she on dinner plates (Skrr)
Did you have somethin' to say? Strap is off the safe (Hello?)
Simon says, "Do you niggas wanna die today?" (Yeah)
Throw 'em in the trunk, take the light away, yeah
I'll never see you niggas in the light of day again
Eyes rolling back, I can see myself within
I'm going to be cautious when I take them drugs again (Yeah)
I don't know how I fucked that shit, I just wanna fuck her friend
She wanna fuck me too so let's not play pretend (Ooh)
Brand new pair of titties and it cost my damn rent
Comme des Garçons in the tennis shoes I'm in, yeah
She gon' stuff her nose wit' cocaine wit' her friend, yeah
Fucking all alone but we actin' like we didn't, yeah
.40 in your mouth, it gon' pop like some Pop Rocks
And I'm having rocks, ooh, like I'm playing hopscotch
And I think I own a son, so many impostors (Yeah)
We gon' let him do the show and then we rob some
.40 rearrange your top more times than Dennis Rodman
Percocet, ooh, feel it in my fuckin' body (Ooh)
In the UFO, in the shotty was a shawty
I'ma wish 'em farewell like my name was Ricky Bobby (Dig, yeah)
Like my name was Ricky Bobby
I'ma wish 'em farewell like Ricky Bobby
Oops, I mean Will Ferrell, Ricky Bobby
I'ma get the bag they didn't stop me

One thing I didn't know
Behind closed doors
She was a freak hoe
And she fuck for free, let's go (Let's get it)
And I got it on camera, B-roll
And she know that I'm gettin' these rolls (Yeah)
Want to fuck me, sure (Fuck me, sure)
She gon' eat it up, she with all the shits (Dig)
And I keep a dirty stick made for dirty licks (Ooh)
Ooh, then, how many licks do it take 'til you get rich?
Yeah, to the center of this motherfuckin' dick
Got the motherfucker lit
I remember when I used to carry them at risk
Diamonds on my neck same color as some piss
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