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Bricks Lyrics

UnoTheActivist – Bricks Lyrics

Goyard hold my dick
Goyard hold my dick
Goyard hold my dick

All white bricks, turn a half a brick, to a whole brick
Now I talk my shit, now I pop my shit, now I'm poppin' shit
Watch me pop my shit, lick
You look like a lick, get hit with the stick
I just hit don't miss, I want top no kiss, I don't talk no diss
I just talk my shit, guess I'm poppin' shit, bitch
I want fuck your bitch, why you love that bitch, she want all my dick
All these bricks on me, I look like a lick, I know that I'm lit, cause I'm poppin' shit, yeah
I'm gon' pop my shit, I love talk that shit, I'm gon' talk my shit
Cause I'm poppin' shit, know I'm poppin' shit
I'm gon' pop my shit, I'm gon' pop my shit yeah
I'm gon' pop my shit
Ice on my neck I'm the ice man, my lil bitch only eat rice man
.40 you know that it sit on my night stand, told them I'm done being nice man
They wonder why I got big hands, cause its to count up the ten bands
Bout to go yell in your ear like a hype man, yeah
I get the brick and then double that, If I take a miss Imma double back
My bitch, she came with a bubble butt, I put my dope all up under that
I get caught ain't gon' tell the cops shit, I know I'm legit
Too legit to quit, I'm still smoking jit, Goyard hold my dick
She gon' hold my dick too, cause I'm poppin shit
Have a pop up shop, pop out with all white bricks
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