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It's Quiet Lyrics

UnoTheActivist – It's Quiet Lyrics

[Verse: UnoTheActivist & ThouxanbanFauni]
I can't even kick it with these lames
Baby she just wanna know my name
Fuck a nigga, shoot him in his brains
'Cause that nigga think he with the gang

I maintain, and I got that size up with my aim
Shorty you can never be my main
You know that I'm out here gettin' grain

Hush now little bitch, don't you talk
Little bitch I found you, you was walkin'
Now bitch you think that you on top
Bitch, what the fuck you thought?

I can't flop, these niggas won't work and they won't talk
Really when I pull up you won't' talk
Heard you talkin' shit all day but you won't talk

I'm a grown boy really I don't need no lectures
Pussy nigga really, why you flexin'?
Choppa hit him, boy you better count your blessings
Why you strong armin' hoes like you wrestlin'?
Pussy nigga, don't you even speak
I don't want no lessons, I cannot be teached
Put that pack up in her butt just like a beach
Robocop, I kill that boy he is deceased

Real street nigga, I can't break from defeat
I don't know why these hoes on my leash
But I be so wild, I'm off the lean
OCD, my hoe she super neat

I am in a different state of mind, you know I am one of a kind
That's your bitch, I hit her from behind
All this money know it don't define me
[?], you can't find me
Every time I fuck her she like, "perfect timing"
I fucked her then bring it back just like a rewind
I done put them chills down her spine

Rob a nigga blind, you know that I re-rec and rewind
But I could never regret shit, I don't rewind
You just want all my shine
What you doin'? I ain't even dicked her, no assume
Ayy, you wanna fuck me then wan' fuck my bro, I ain't judge but you a hoe

I don't know what you boy want from me
No you cannot get nothing from me
Got a Glock and I be on a killing spree
Told a pussy nigga get down on his knees

Watch a pussy nigga flee
You know I got hoes singing like Glee
Young boy but I'm not Albin, because I keep that fuckin' heat and watch it be

These niggas can't stand me, have a seat
Choppa on me cold, I need some heat
I get hungry, you boys food so I'm gon' feast
I'm a dog, all my niggas they need a leash

Say it one more time, I can't repeat
I'm gon' make sure all my youngins eat
Yeah, shorty on my meat, I'm out gettin' bacon then she on my mean
Gotta get it, I know that you lazy, you ain't with it
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