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Day Dream Lyrics

UnoTheActivist – Day Dream Lyrics

And I wake up every morning tryna get this cake
And I pray before I sleep and when I wake up And she leave before I wake 
Cuz she can't stay 
Tryna get this money 
Yeah I'm lookin for a way 
Live out that dream 
Year girl live out yo dream 
I don't want sex I want cream
Gotta get it by any means 
Live out the dream 
Yea I want ranch and blue cheese 
Yea I want you
You want me 
Take your time and you'll see

[Verse 1]
Know that I got it lil baby don't worry I got you too 
I see you over there stressing don't worry we'll get it thru 
All of the shit that a nigga done did to get to you 
All of these bitches be watching you just like its paper view 
Pape pape 
Talkin bout paper well they need some paper too 
These niggas be shooting they shot but my window bullet proof
They didn't give us a way
So guess what bae 
We gonna bully thru
Ain't gonna stop half way 
No way lil bae 
We goin fully thru 
They drowning
Bikini bottom 
I put my hoes in red buttom
I got a bitch from the bottom 
I'm drowning babe 
I'm gonna drown in your water 
Wrap it up send out tomorrow 
I got them packs from the border 
I'm living the dream 
Fuck do you mean 
I'm counting on green 
My life is just like a movie and this bitch in my favorite scene 
I'm winning I'm winning winning 
Just like I am Charlie sheen yea
I'm leaning I'm leaning i feel like Kareem


[Verse 2]
See you at the top
Yea I'm in her head like locks
Yea I'm in her bed like Rock 
Yea imma real rock star 

Niggas they not up to par 
Because I am raising the bar
And my car got six speed
Imma drop the top and go far 
Lil baby dropping the ball
Don't think that I can fuck wit her at all
Imma count racks she in aw 
Bitch you know you was slacking
Bitch you better go pack it
I fuck the bitch back to back 
Fuck her then kick the hoe outy
Know that I'm rowdy like rebel 
Baby she think I'm the devil 
And my head sit on a swivel 
For u lil niggas that's thinkin you clever 
Baby you better do better 
Baby come get on my level 
Baby she dig me like shovels 
Her nigga he start to get jealous


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