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Thirsty / 1500 Interlude Lyrics

UnoTheActivist – Thirsty / 1500 Interlude Lyrics

[Verse 1: Nessly]
John Nash and Billie Jean
Bitch i'ma (?)
Rollie got these fingers (?)
Young Jimi Hendrix keep it Jimi for these bitches
Rubbin' on her kitty and she swervin' in the Civic
I'm much too worried bout the money fuck the critics
I'm way too busy out here fuckin' up the city
I just be talkin' charging double for a rent
I'm sellin' rap these niggas still rap for (?)
I sell my raps for the same price as a prism
Everything nice need the ice very frigid
Know I gotta get it, gotta get myself a ticket
Rollin' with my brothers everyone know i'm with it

[Verse 2: Unotheactivist]
Don't do relationships like i'm from (?)
See i'm runnin' up this cash call some dirty shit
My grandma always told me life is what you make of it
And a red brick (?) bitch i'm makin' bricks
Dirty sticks yeah you know them bricks work
They like Uno damn how much is yo bricks worth
See I get em on a 15 fanta first
And I might just charge 15 for the verse
If you really hurt pussy nigga call the nurse
Aye I keep that 9 on me that shit that urk ya jerk
Make a little (?)
I might leave the nigga dead for the 31st
She called me her baby like she birthed me
Please come get yo hoe she gon' urk me
Can't be with a bitch she gon' try to hurt me
Tell me why the fuck she so thirsty
Damn why she thirsty
Why is yo hoe thirsty
Swear to god she thirsty
Why is this bitch thirsty... damn
Why she thirsty
Why is this bitch thirsty
I swear to god she thirsty
Why is yo hoe thirsty... damn... (that's it)

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