So listen up, girl
Who could tell that I would fall in love with you
You said we’re just friends
And all of the extra is not on your agenda
But I’m living in my futile dreams
And pretending that you give a shit about me
Couple of weeks ago I told you I am over you
But I lied

Seems like you are the one who has that skill
Of controlling all of me
A single clap of your hands can heal
And an eyebrow move makes me
So miserable and weak

You’re killing me, girl
It feels like I caught a flu
And I don’t know what to do
Sometimes my hands want
To trepanate your sweet skull
To see what the hell is going on in there

Now I’m trying to keep some patience
But the anger grow so quick
Finally I’m sure that our relationships
Are finished and I quit that shit
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Miserable And Weak Lyrics

Two Chords – Miserable And Weak Lyrics