You find yourself standing all alone
Against everyone in this world
And you get tired of it, you're tired of it
You tired of people who annoying you
Only because you decided to
Just follow your own way
You wanna rock
It's the only will of you

You wanna be
Like nobody and not like you used to
Separate self from anybody
From those who don't understand you
They said you won't ever get the top
Buf If you would really try so hard
You can break through
Break through
*You're sitting at home
Sitting at home, yelling*

And now you've lost everything you've got
And failed all hopes parents set on you
You got no money and even got no girlfriend
But all you need is the thing of you heart
You take the step, driven by the God
You got the dream and you live to make
This one dream
One day it will come true
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Break Through Lyrics

Two Chords – Break Through Lyrics