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Out Here Lyrics

Twista – Out Here Lyrics

Mob [sounds like] city

Chorus part I
If you wanna come see me for a bag
I'm out here
If you wanna see that mean green Jag
I'm out here
If you wanna see me rollin' that Philly
I'm out here
If you talkin' like you comin' ta get me
I'm out here

Verse 1:
If you wanna see real niggaz around
I'm out here
Every day I put my life on the line
I'm out here
If a [blank] need a lick on some 'dro
I'm out here
I got weight and I [not sure of lyric]
I'm out here
On [something] old school hustlin', I came up from nothin' and uh,
The game so cold, my [blank] protectin me bro,
The streets is my tool, they buildin' my legacy, uh,
I made [blank] so what the F is you sweatin' me fuh?
I'm out here, F'in hoes and doin' shows!
I'm out here, poppin mo's and smokin' dro!
I'm out here, doin' me ballin' the F out!
Chris T of Easy G's, throwin' some dust out!

Chorus part I
+Chorus part II:
If you tell me that it ain't really hot
I'm out here
If you wanna see me out on the block
I'm out here
If you wanna see that old school Chevy
I'm out here
If you talkin' like you comin' ta get me
I'm out here

Verse 2:
[unintelligible] my windows up
Hit up my doors then
[blank] my pahtnaz and kidnap all of my hoes then
Make my money funny if I got it comin ta me.
Talk stupid to a N** when you run it ta me
If you don't want your grill, you don't want to live, you don't want your kids, you don't want your crib.
But that's exactly what you're losin', if you don't want it, better let the 'lac hear ya movin'!

Verse 3:
If you want to hear a real N shine
I'm out here
Need a pimp to control your body and mind?
I'm out here.
When you ready to go cook up this cake
I'm out here
Got a few hundred grams you want to shake?
I'm out here.

Mobsta Niggas spend that time on the grind
Sippin' Yak, slingin packs of the city's biggest dimes,
Yeah, you got a decent bag, but yo shit aint big as mine
If you get your game tight, umma have to rob you blind.
I'm from K-town, bitch, with different gangs on every block
And the way you wear your hat just might get your ass shot
The mobsters got the game on lock and the haters full of fear
Scared to ride through the hood, 'cause they know we out here.

Chorus part I
+Chorus part III:
When you see me pull that hood up...
Better get low! We 'bout to tear the fuckin 'hood up
Ballas and killas and gangstas
(What you runnin' from?)
Ballas and killas and gangstas
(Whatchu runnin from?)

Twista's verse:

[sounds like] Shoulda seen they face when I first [unintelligible] and got it to rock
I'm from K-town [blank] and I don't know shit but the block.
Gotta get that money so I don't care,
I'm posted up right here and I aint goin' nowhere, you gon' have to move me!
Twenty-thousand a week and I ain't hearin' nothin'
But since y'all is stackin' chips, [unintelligible] see 'dem police come cuffin'.
That's when I might have to hide out,
Or dip through the hood with the chrome and the wool when I pull that ride out...
Got a screen that slide out...

When the jump-out boys gone,
I'm out here
If you wanna get [blank] them blows
I'm out here
If you plottin' on a mission to get me
I'm out here
If you wanna see [sounds like]the Twista in your city
I'm out here

Chorus parts I, II, & III, III, end of song
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