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Fresh Off The Lot Lyrics

Twista – Fresh Off The Lot Lyrics

[Liffy Stokes]
Shit it's five in the morning
New whip, new bitch where the phone and
I just got me a new whip with the finger beach wood kit
Hit a big head later Mr. Lease Split Wig
Fucked around nigga 15, I spend
22's with the shoes, five T. V. 's
Playstation with that dvd
Smoked out tent no need to see me
Unless I'm creeping up on you in black and 3-D
Laying my stunt get down
Like a Westside clown is supposed to, smoking bi-coastal
A nigga got connections in the game because I'm old school
Lay down, let chop change now, we
Double up the money so we can paint the town
And grab hoes down like rebounds
And let em shake that ass while I crank the sound

See I'm fresh off the lot in a brand new drop
Glistness screaming fuck the cops
I got four bitches that's about to pop
With dro smoke coming out top
When you fresh off the lot in a brand new drop
You got some binning grinning hit some blocks
Spend the club hit the club like I'm always popped
Now it's time to see some asses drop

[Turtle Banxx]
What's popping, drop the top and let's see what's cracking
Look it's Saturday nights on Madison
After that imagine what happens since I'm blasting
And he hits the action I'm mashing and henny mixed in the passion
Got me dipping in and out of traffic
On point for them blue lights flashing
Two nice scratching now hotels
On crunk so drunk I'm bout to go fell
Oh well, hit the lick and sto' for more bail
Followed by a gang of hoes and bout to go now
Twista say he got a spot where the dro sell
Liffy say we gotta stop 'fore we go bail, yeah
Let's ride but only if you party hoe
When the door, know you s*** working that body yo
I know you in love with a thug nigga, get you buy your drinks
Take pictures inside the club with you, grab your girls and let's roll


Now I just pulled out the lot up in a hard top
Standing on chrome footage that is on my block
This rich nigga behind me who was in a drop top ride was trying to clown
Eyes bucked when he saw my shit dro back and drop down
I could drop the top off of anything, but I be surgical
Leave the dealership in a convertible that'll murder you
Heard a few hoes hollered at me when I blast
I love em stand up in the backseat, pop that ass
Put them titties on the glass when y'all lay up on the hood
All up in the hood, after I left silly where I hood
Got some leather interior all my rides got chrome
Pac song, cause my b-hees come up with the top gone
In the winter time, I might spend some g's on a fur
At the Spring Bling holla at her please run through my hair
Sporty hummer for summer if I crash the motherfucker
I just throw it in the gutter, and go buy another

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