I felt the air rarefy inside the room,
The clocks they were warping the time because of you
And suddenly everyone else seemed to paralyse.
My temperature started to rise but I’m alright.

Hell, Can’t seem to touch the ground.
Spells that keep me gagged and bound.
She’s got a cage underground.
She is the cat I’m the mouse.

I felt your words dash like knives across the room,
As daylight was turning to night just for you,
And suddenly everyone else is wearing bodybags,
I’m sinking six feet underground,
But I’m alright.

Can’t seem to touch the ground
Spells that keep me gagged and bound
She’s got a cage underground
She is the cat, I’m the mouse

Under your killer pheromone.
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Killer Pheromone Lyrics

Trailer Park Sex – Killer Pheromone Lyrics