Feel the call of desolation,
A presence in the dark.
Up on the ridge they are hiding,
They're looking down on us.

Even if you want it badly, even if you want to hide.

I've got my back against the wall, and their sword upon my throat.

But I will fight them back!

Left behind, lost and powerless.
High and dry, every single day.
Suicide wants to be my friend,
But I wont give up on myself!

Let's Go!

Though their light may grow stronger,
Their light may blind your eyes,
Remember who you are.

Let's Move

This ain't no life...

This ain't no life only 'cause you breath,
Only 'cause you breath...

A whole amount of not enough,
A whole amount of not enough.
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Ain't No Life... Lyrics

Trailer Park Sex – Ain't No Life... Lyrics