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Reckless Recluse Lyrics

Totem Skin – Reckless Recluse Lyrics


In lies they reside
(With) our future deprived
Brought to our knees
The shadows whisper defeat

In silence they rule
Keeping our hearts subdued
To comply or neglect
Ingorance is truly bliss

We, are, waste
Beaten, broken, forgotten

Chained to our conscience
Left in isolation
Beaten, Broken, forgotten

We're in a stupor
Our slumber, our bane
Do not look somber
Devour it

(Cease, swallow, burn)
(Fire, cinder, collapse)

Bathe us in fire
Baptize us in ash
Drown us in blood
In the dark they corrupt

We are born to be ruled
We are waste
We are born to succumb
We are waste

We are waste

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