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Pretend Lyrics

Totem Skin – Pretend Lyrics

A boot stamping on a face sets (the) scene
For reality openly obscene
Taught not to question the roles we are granted
Quelling urges of thoughts any grander
But I guess that it's hard to see
The horizon of a sullied sea
When ocean's stirred and the current wrecks
And shallow waters cover necks

A manufactured permanent consent
A vision in two definitions

Did Fuller's Spaceship Earth crash and burn?
Was Imagine just a song?
Can currents change their paths?

Withered voices given strength
After being kept at length
- For tacit credence cause the end -
And only then may we ascend

Only reaching far behind
Leads to rigid state of mind
It's never-questioned validity
Borders on morbidity

So don't look back but fix your eyes
Towards wherever change may lie
A vision reborn is means to end
But as of now we just pretend

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