Song - mack attack It's a mack attack coming from wayback My name is Too $hort
Baby I don't play that jack I'm from the Dangerous Crew and I tell ya it's true
Everything they said about the playboy Too I'm $hort Dog, ain't nothing nice I
Drink G-Juice, wouldn't cut it with ice From the eastside, baby, Oakland town
Can't understand why I'm so down I'm not a white wall, I'm a Vogue Like seen,
On white wheel I roll Got a fresh new beat, made ya get freaky It was
Everything ya wanted cause I can't be weak Yeah, baby, that's it, do the split
Freak nasty all on my tip I took it to my dj, fresh on wax Put it on the
Turntable, I got taxed It started burning up, why it's smoking? Had to be the
Sound coming straight from Oakland $hort Dog, it's a mack attack My name is Too
$hort baby I don't play that jack One young tender lost all hope I slapped her
In the face with my dunkie rolls Another young sucka tried to front my style
Sawed off his face when they broke him in half It was the Dangerous Crew and I
Tell ya it's tr
Ue Everything they said about the playboy Too When I sing my rhymes I'm never
Fake When ya start my beat that's when I break... On you... And it don't stop
And it don't stop and it won't stop Cause I'm Too $hort baby on the microphone
And I'm macking... Hit it! I'm not a wanna-be pimp, I never simp Since I
Started walking I had this limp It was a cool type walk, just like me The Too
S-H-O-are-T I might be young but I spit this game I started with P and it ends
The same If ya brains is lame remember the name When it's Too $hort baby ain't
Nothing plain Dangerous Music on the microphone Makes ya wanna break ya hip
Bone Might break ya leg or amybe ya back Grooving too hard on my m
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You Know What I Mean Lyrics

Too $hort – You Know What I Mean Lyrics

Songwriters: TODD SHAW
You Know What I Mean lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group,

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