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Survivin' The Game Lyrics

Too $hort – Survivin' The Game Lyrics

Yeah Short Dawg in the house
Survivin the game man, it ain't easy when
You out here for uh ten years hanging with the cut-throats
Back stabbers, playa haters y'know what I'm sayin?
But I'm a bitch killa always was, and always will be
If you ain't in the right state of mind don't play with me
Cause they ain't never ended slavery
You fuckin with my freedom, let's keep it real fool
Don't underestimate niggaz who'll kill you
Cause everything changed, and everybody got a strap
Don't wanna be attacked keep it on your lap
I'm smobbing in my drop, smiling like Priest
Superfly top down speeding through the streets
Killas on the prowl, and jacking is how
They get paid pull out a gat and break your ass down
Nigga show no fear, but you scared as hell
And your partner riding with you is prepared to tell
But you don't know it yet, you havin hella fun
And when the shit hit the fan and you on the run
You better pray if they catch your homeboy first
Cause if they put him under pressure, he bound to burst
Into a long conversation bout everything you did
No more tusslin, time to do a bid
In the brand new jail that they built for you
Where the smallest little thing you get killed over
(survivin the game)
Ain't to bailin out, you mad as hell
Instead of send you to school, they keep you in jail
That cost way more, when you do time
When you creep through the hood and kill your own kind
They building county jails, and penitentiaries
They gettin ready for the motherfucking 21st century
Computers taking over, money's obsolete
Now they buying all the houses in the ghetto streets
They way we live now, we can't last long
Cause everyday niggaz gettin they blast o
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Songwriters: BANKS SHAW
Survivin' The Game lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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