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No Love From Oakland Lyrics

Too $hort – No Love From Oakland Lyrics

Ain't no love in Oakland, bitch
Niggas always talkin bout 'i love you'
But ain't no love, bitch
[ verse 1 ]
Now it's a shame, I can't be saved by John the Pope
I gotta be a pimp or sellin dope
Cause in this town, it's goin on
And brothers doin that can't live too long
So what's my option, do it or not
Break a hoe, sell a ki, just don't get caught
Cause if I do, I'm goin to jail
On a one-way ticket to a prison cell
So why commit the crime? Don't ask me
Went to school everyday, and I still can't read
I count money like a champ, now ask me
Why everyday does the task force jack me
The story's been told one million times
About a boy growin up to a life of crime
I heard it before, you heard it too
But now, homeboy, it's just me and you
You see, people try to call us filthy trash
Even though we live better and make mo' cash
Than they do, I'm not a no-good thug
Standin on the corner sellin drugs
And just remember, this ain't multiple choice
Without a college degree you only got your voice
You gotta talk for yours, or get nothin at all
This ain't the nba, I ain't havin a ball
Every day is a trip, but I ain't trippin
Watch my back and don't start slippin
Money won't talk, but it looks right back
Everytime I dip into my stack
I'm buyin cars, jewelries, and mobile phones
Things I couldn't get with a high school diploma
It's alright, cause I just help myself
You should know, cause I can't do nothin else
And you better watch out for the day
When you lock me up and throw that key away
Cause I'll be back on parole
Ain't changed nothing, cause I'm ready to roll
I go to school now, but just to fr
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Songwriters: Gary Shider, George Clinton, Todd Shaw, William Collins
No Love From Oakland lyrics © Word Collections Publishing

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