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Get It Lyrics

Too $hort – Get It Lyrics

[Verse One]
I think you got it baby, you so erotic baby
That freaky shit you doin, don't stop it baby
I like your style girl, you kinda wild girl
When you hit that stage and turn 'em out girl
Make that ass shake, make his ass pay
Make the niggaz in the club wanna masturbate
Pretend you suckin his dick
Fuckin a trick, make him bust a nut in this bitch!
Take all his cash love, take his last dub
He better go home broke, and get his ass up
On to the next trick, he's sayin let's split
You wanna buy a dream? We sellin s** bitch!
Let him holla while he pulls on his collar
Nigga might have some fun in somethin cool's in his wallet
Just keep hustlin and make a stack
Cause if he spendin motherfucker can't take it back
Now get it

Get it, get it, get it, get it
Get it, get it, get that money girl
Do it, do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, break his ass girl
That's right, that's right, that's right, that's right
That's right, that's right, get it all from him
Take it, take it, take it, take it
Take it, take it, take his money girl

[Verse Two]
I like to long-dick it, ain't nuttin wrong with it
And with your fast nasty ass, girl you gon' get it
Mo' skills than you ever need
From the flats to the Hills in Beverly
Fo' sho', she's a P-are-O
Five-oh on the low wanna freak my hoe
... It's just another day on mine
They can't hold me down, cause I stay on the grind
I'm self-made, I'm gettin money hella ways
And I keep a bitch to help pay
A lot of girls have a sugardad
I ain't mad, is it good or bad?
Just make that mo-ney - even on Sun-day
You'll get it right one day
And next time some real ballers come through
They be spendin all their money on you
Now get it


[Verse Three]
Damn girl, you look good right now
Ain't seen you in a while, you know we should ride out
I think about you in the mornin when I'm not witchu
Flashin back last time that I got witchu
Let them other niggaz masturbate and dream about you
I never give that ass a break, I'm in and out you
And on you, when you need someone to fuck you, call me
I'd love to, cause all week, I've been with this tall freak
I know she rank top notch bitch
She got it all, ridin in a drop-top bitch
I'm Short Dawg, them haters can't block my shit
Cause they love what you do with that hot twat bitch
Now get it


Get it
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