F/ Ant Banks, B-Legit, E-40

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This hit aint no joke, Oh no
Don't ya know, don't ya know
Its Cali-O, Its Cali-O, Yeah
This hit aint no joke, This here aint no joke
Don't ya know, Sweet Cali-O

[Too $hort]
Its that Orangutan lookin' like a Crayola
Nothin' but the sunshine, Soon as the day's over
Roll'em up, In the town, We get down
On the green and the purple, Never on the brown
Cause when ya hit the O its the real dope, From Humbolt
Have ya flyin' real stupid like Dumbo
They love it when it comes from California
You'll never be an +Outkast+ with that +Stankonia+

Smell the aroma, Smells so lovely
Man that's potent, What ya'll smokin man?, Orange Ruffie
Where ya from, You from the Yay, I'm from the Valley J
Man ya'll some fools, You California dudes do not play
I though you thoughtamajig, I though I told you my nagga
Game colder than a six pack of soda my nagga
Northren Cali, 23's on my Denali
Gettin rowdy in the Scrillacon Valley

This hit aint no joke, Oh joke
Don't ya know, don't ya know
Its Cali-O, Its Cali-O, Yeah
This hit aint no joke, This here aint no joke
Don't ya know, Sweet Cali-O
Love it when I hit it, Cali-O
Love it when I hit it, don't ya know
Sweet Cali-O
I can't wait to touch it, Cali-O
Don't ya know, Yeah
Love it when I twist it, don't ya know
Sweet Cali-O

[Too $hort]
The Valley Joe

Know it when you smell it, Hit it, Enhale the blow
Got zips from Cali-O, niggas call it the dro
When I'm in for a show first hit up the store
Four boxes to the neck, Alcohol to follow
Get it on fa sho, Every zone I go
Tip toe to the door, Room 3-0-4
Put that town down-lo, Its that Town endo
Guarenteed, No seeds, In your town we'll blow

[Ant Banks]
Now homie tell me what that yay like
Livin that Bay Life
We put it up in the air, From sundown to daylight
And the girls they be lovin' it, Cause it freeze on em
That Cali-O sensation lets us squeeze up in em
Its a whole 'notha mind state, A way of livin
That playalistic feelin' gives you the vibes of a villian
Help ya focus, And I was gone when I wrote this
Just trippin on that Cali-O, Its known to be the dopest

[Chorus with minor variations]

[Too $hort]
Its been 10 years since I moved from Oakland
I traveled everywhere but theres nobody smokin
Like the Bay and la, From San Diego up Seattle's way
Aint no shake like a rattlesnake, That Budwiser make ya get smart
You say you went to San Francisco and left your heart
But don't leave that orange sunshine on the coast
I know that you think the green and the purple is the most
Out in Cali you get choices
One hit will have you hearin angel's voices
Make you wanna fly, And catch the next plane to the West
So you can fill your brain with the best
Now Mary Jane was a small town girl
But Cali-O, She's been all around the world
She'll make the coldest player go broke
You don't hear me though, That Cali-O aint no joke

[Chorus and Too $hort talkin']
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