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Ain't Nothin' But A Word To Me Lyrics

Too $hort – Ain't Nothin' But A Word To Me Lyrics

Bitch ain't nothing but a word
Too Short Feat Icecube

Too Short:
Now take my bitch
She won't complain about shit cus she's my ho
She don't belong to a trick
So when you fuck her and give her all your cash
I get paid or put my foot in her ass
I won't marry the bitch and give her half
I get more head and then I laugh
At that one bitch shit I got a gang of Hoes
I get freaks ass lick these balls and toes
Now stupid little bitches get tossed
If they don't realise I'm the motherfucking boss
Come on down and get your ass pinched
And if you talk shit get your ass lynched
Cus I'm the B. The I. The T. The C. The H.
The K. The I. The L. The L. The A. Icecube
A nigga that's bigger then a nut
Cus a bitch is a bitch is a hoe is a s***
Too Short:
You say how can I call a woman a bitch
It ain't nothing but a word like shit
Ain't no slippin in my mutha-fucking pimpin
And all bitches ain't women
You come home and get smooth cussed out
You got a bitch with a foul assed mouth
Scared to chip her with a left hook
Youz a bitch in my book
My nigger (Jinx???) made the mix
So punkass mutha-fucking bitches get the eighty-six
I keep hoes on five
Cus I'm fucking more pussy then the law allows
With my boy Too Short
See he quick to grab a bitch by the throat
And slam her ass cram her ass
With a fat dick cus she's a trick bitch
Too Short:
I like fat bitches and I like em slim
I take a fat bitch and stick my dick right in her
Big fat ass she'll make me come again
I'm mack daddy bitch fuck her friend
I saw you
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