Little boy, little girl
God is on your side
He is your healer
God is on your side

Yes he knew her
'cause she told him things that man had done to her
So he figured that she's reluctant to tell her folks the truth
She was afraid to tell mother of such things
Cause she would say "you know you're wrong, little girl"

Little boy, little girl
God is on your side

It's good that she knew him
For without her by his side he would have fled
He sees objects that are ever small, but so large in his eyes
He has a thing about what people think of him
It seems so bad
It's not so hard, little boy

How could you be wrong, little girl?

Follow, follow the yellow brick road
Until you come on to the rock of peace
Pick up your notion to find the harvest of life
To heal your wounds
He'll find you peace, little boy
He will protect you, little girl
He'll never leave you, little ones

So this story goes on into a high deminsion
Where for you
He'll find you peace, little ones.
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Little Ones Lyrics

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