Billy Goat moved over to the east coast
He never knew his name
But he'd always get what he want
Billy even had a girl
But he called her friend
Didn't like to claim her name
He likes to play the game

You gotta be down, down
Down for the right thing
You can't mess around, owww
Be close to the righteous

Billy told Betty that he was leavin' town
Start gettin' worried
>From the word around
Billy got babies over here and over there
He's starting to fade away
'Cause he's so damn scared


Billy don't tell me that you're feelin' bad
The only way you can do that
Is if you're feelin' sad
Well, well, well
I always heard that you were a strong man
And the word around is that that man
Won't hang his head

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Billy Goat Lyrics

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