Drop down mama
Let daddy see
You got somethin'
Really worryin' me

Now my mama, she don't 'llow me
Stay out a whole night long
'Cause you may be a minor
And you may be treated wrong

Now, my baby she got ways
Sunday mo'nin, do like a squirrel
Get up in the mo'nin, grab a limb
Cock it on the wall

My mama, She don't 'llow it
To stay out all night long
Say, 'You maybe a minor, son
An you may be treated wrong'

Now, when you get you a woman
An she act funny in ev'way
Just it be alright
She be home someday

'Cause my mama don't 'llow me
Stay out out all night long

Yes, she may be a minor
An she may be treated wrong

I'm 'on write you a letter
Sunday mo'nin, 'on mail it in the air
You can tell by that, babe
I got a woman somewhere

'Cause my mama don't 'llow
Stay out all night long
An ya may be a minor
An ya may be treated wrong

Now, if you get you a woman
Now-now, treat her nice in ev'ryway
Yes, yeah
Ooh, if you get you a woman
Treat her nice in ev'ryway
'Cause when you get Chicago
D'eez women walkin' 'round here
(Any bootie, you can take home)

'I wan' say it loud'

(guitar to end)

Yeah, ha-ha


Yes, yes


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Drop Down Mama Lyrics

Tommy Mcclennan – Drop Down Mama Lyrics