Deep Blue Sea 2: 59 Trk 10 Disc 2 31
(Tommy Mcclennan)
Tommy Mcclennan
Recorded: Chicago, Illinois Monday, Sept. 15, 1941
Rca Studio A, A&are - Lester Melrose
Tommy Mcclennan - vocal & guitar, unk string bass
Album: Tommy Mcclennan Bluebird Recordings 1939-1942
07863 67430-2 rca 1997 Bluebird Blues (Bmg)

'i wants to make this one right now'
This 'un, this 'un I got'

I'm g'wan, babe I'm g'wan
An cryin' won't make me stay
'Cause the mo' you cry, now-now, baby
The furth' you drive me away
Furth' you drive me away
I mean drive me away
Fur' you drive me away

Now, I wished
I was a bullfrog
Swimmin' in the
Deep blue sea
Lord, I would have all these
Good lookin' women, now-now-now
Fishin' after me
Fishin' after
I mean after
Sho' nuff after me

Now, I went to
My baby's house
An I set down
On her step
She said, 'Walk on in, now-now, Tom
My husband just now left
My husband just now
I mean just now
Sho' nuff' just now left
Oh Lord, just now left
Oh, jest now left'


Now, ain't none-a-mmm
None-a my bid'ness
Babe, but you know I
Know it ain't right
Stay wit' yo kid-man all day long
An play sick on yo' husband at night
On yo' husband at night
I mean yo' husband at night
Sho' nuff yo' husband at night
Oh Lord, yo' husband
Oh Lord, yo' husband
Oh Lord, yo' husband


'Long time, isn't it'

Now Lord, whoa Lord
Baby, hear me blow the blues
Lord, they got no bottom
Now-now-now, in my last pair-a shoe
In my last pair, sh
In my last pair.

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Deep Blue Sea Lyrics

Tommy Mcclennan – Deep Blue Sea Lyrics