Nothing ever makes you feel the way you want
Everything is easier said than done
But don't you know you still have a chance
To make it all go as planned

Cause you already know, that I won’t let you go
There's no need to pretend cause

Hey hey I gotta say
Please don't runaway
Cause tomorrow's gonna be a brand new day
Hey hey if you walk away
Know I'm always gonna stay
Forever by your side
Till the end of time

Looking for the smoke to clear your eyes
It's no surprise the fear you hold inside
But I swear if you take my hand
We can make a stand, together as planned

No one ever said
Life would be fairytales and endless roses
To fill you when lollypops start to choke you
There's nothing I want more
Than to see you adore the one who will never leave you
But will always be with you till the end
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Till The End Of Time Lyrics

Tom Wehrle – Till The End Of Time Lyrics