I've failed so many times
I wonder if I can get you right
I need a wish on a star that won't burn dim
So much more than I could pretend

So hold me down, right now
Cause there's nothing else like you around
Hold me down
Cause there's no one else like you I've found

I never wanna leave your side
I wanna see every sunrise/sunset/moonlight through your eyes
Cause now I know what it's like
I could try my whole life
But I know I'll never find
The way your eyes
Light up my sunlight

You've failed so many times
Now you wonder if you'll ever get it right
But all we get is just one life
And it's just one try we get before we close the scene
And baby you're all I need
(And baby I pray you see)

There's a million stars that I can see tonight
But you're the only one that shines bright
You're the only one I truly love
And the only one that's ever meant so much
And I know, I know, I know
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My Sunlight Lyrics

Tom Wehrle – My Sunlight Lyrics