You are the beauty, I’m the beast
Desperately wondering in neverland
While you’re holding pixie dust like it aint nothing special in your hand
I'm down the hole, it's taboo
Running like a fool to you

You unfroze my lonely world when I saw your eyes
I get a crazy feeling that I, just might fly

I'm falling apart
I'm amazed I ever found my way to you
Cause here you are right on time
Cause everything's always right on time
With you I know
You're my world
My perfect ordinary fairytale

Sorry it took me so much time
But these castle walls were built so high
I couldn’t climb to see the other side of me I desperately need

Sometimes true love has to wait, for the perfect fit, or shoe
Some call it magic, but I know it's you

This aint a story bout' toys coming to life, no
Just a damsel in distress saved by her prince, yeah
A couple ugly ducklings somehow finding the other side
In unordinary perfect way
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Perfect Ordinary Fairytale Lyrics

Tom Wehrle – Perfect Ordinary Fairytale Lyrics