How can I say something to change the way you see me now
Cause I'm the same one who heard you when you cried and made you feel alright
But now you see me as somebody else

If loving you was my crime, then I'll do my time
Cause I can't stop loving you even if you want me to
I wandered all my life until I looked into your eyes and saw
You're everything to me

Where have you been all my life
What took me so long to find
You there with that magic in your eyes
That brought me back to life
I know it's true, everything I've found in you

I know sometimes feelings go
But I'll stay even if they fade away
Cause I know sometimes feelings can grow
So I'll stay with you all my days

You're everything to me
And all I wanted to be
I found in your eyes when I saw
You're everything to me
Yeah, I see you're everything to me
I know, I know you're everything to me
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Everything To Me Lyrics

Tom Wehrle – Everything To Me Lyrics