(Verse 1)
I stumble like a child
If ever it's not by my father's hand I'm lead
Anxious to run when the new day comes
To see what's waiting up ahead
He said, don't run away, but I disobeyed
Only come back in soiled regret
He never said, "I told you so",
He knew I hurt enough to know
My father knows best!

Your love's too great to stand in the way
Every time I take the chance to run
No matter where I turned
You knew the lessons I learned
Bring me back to where I started from'
Years have passed me by,
But still I wonder why
You let me put you to the test
A little girl/boy calloused & bruised (tag)
Tryin' to walk in daddy's shoes
My father knows best!

(Verse 2)
I never will outgrow my need to hold
Those tender hands that gave me life
If ever my heart's broken, I know the door is open
To love me through it every time.
I wanna' hide the stains of the mistakes I made
Cover over all of my vain regrets
But I never could hide the scars
That you turned into stars
My father knows best!

(Repeat chorus 2x)
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My Father Knows Best Lyrics

Tina Marie – My Father Knows Best Lyrics