These precious hours I've been given
Might be the last hours I'm livin'
So I cling to the source of my life
Well, I could run toward life's fashions
Or abide in your passions
Give you all that my heart would call mine
'Cause in the end, it's how I spend borrowed time

No promise holds for tomorrow
I can't beg, steal, or borrow
One more chance to make this last reason rhyme
For all the years you so patiently
Waited for me to heed your call,
It's so small to deny
Myself for your sweet borrowed time

[Verse 2:]
What can I give, by your power
To let your love light the hours
Save a heart that's been dark and so blind
Through me lord, let your light shine
It took a heart such as mine,
To lead me home from the road so broad and wide
Let more live, as I learn to give
"borrowed time'!

(Repeat chorus 2x)
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Borrowed Time Lyrics

Tina Marie – Borrowed Time Lyrics