Almost to the point where in the past I've given up, but this time =
Something keeps on telling me I've got to go on, so now I will try to =
Get the lead out of my blood and lose the paralyzing lies, that shower =
From above. I must strengthen my constitution, I must gather my resolve, =
I've got to muster every ounce of my resistance. Self inflicted doom has =
Left me open and exposed, to every sickness, every fallacy that's going =
Around, I will not succumb to the belief that others hold that there is =
No defense against infection, as I've been told. We're tolerant to the =
Wrongs, dealt out with regularity, our toxic level is drawn from sheer =
Lack of humanity.
Submitted by: Mel
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Past The Point Lyrics

Tilt – Past The Point Lyrics