A pretty bride of India is burned with kerosene her husband keeps her =
Dowry and his freedom is achieved, a burnese girl in Bangkok is of value =
For her skin, solid for her complexiion, never saw her home again. The =
Minister of culture, he argues so well, his teeth are flashing as he =
Details, a legacy of murder, a heritage of rape, a time honored =
Tradition to maim and mutilate. Cut away her labia with dirty broken =
Glass, she died of obstruction prainfully infected mass, a dress code =
Violation is an outrage in Iran, splashed her face with acid only them =
The fun began. She wasn't good enough, a female child left face down =
Packed in the snow, umbilical cord around her tiny feet, she suffers and =
Dies alone. A woman in a western home is under house arrest, a drunkard =
Is her jailer he's entitled to molest, her daughter is passed over when =
She tries to raise her hand, the likeliness of her success is not an =
Even chance. The minister of culture, he's wringing his hands, he keeps =
On laughing as he demands- "No human right applies her, our women will =
Agree, our property has spoken no cause to intervine."
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Minister Of Culture Lyrics

Tilt – Minister Of Culture Lyrics