[Verse 1] 

So you come and you go, and you don’t know what’s what. 

Everybody’s looking, they think you’re a nut.

So she sits in a chair, and she don’t have a care.
‘Cause she’s the voodoo woman, from nowhere.

[Verse 2] 

So she exits the building, and makes a quick right,

Up the staircase, and outta sight.

She knocks on your door, don’t know what for.
But she’s the voodoo woman, you can’t ignore.


She’s the voodoo woman who lives ‘round the block, 

She’s the talk of the town, three hands on her clock.

Time doesn’t matter, no time doesn’t wait.
And if you’re not careful, she could seal your fate.


[Verse 3]

She’s powerful and famous, respected by all.

Potions, spells, curses, needles in dolls.

You better steer clear, or you’ll disappear,
‘Cause she’s the voodoo woman, so close and so near.

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Voodoo Woman Lyrics

Tiffany Hulse – Voodoo Woman Lyrics