[Verse 1]
He came down from Montana, looking for a better way.
All he ever found was trouble, But that never kept him away.
He hitched a ride from several truckers, through various Tornado Alley towns.
But he wouldn't change this for the world, even though it's had its ups and downs.

Mar Caribe, Havana Town.
In a tiny turquoise shack down by the sea.
Mar Caribe, I'll call you home.
In this world, there isn't any better place for me.

[Verse 2]
He worked his way down to Miami, borrowed a boat out of Key Biscayne.
From an old friend who owed him money, it's probably best not to explain.
He made it in no time to Key Largo, but had no intention of staying in the Keys.
For there he found a treetop flyer, who would smuggle him into the Pearl of the Antilles.


The more he thought about that forbidden island,
The more he longed to go.
And it was so much nicer, than what he saw,
On the late night TV show.


[Verse 3]
Two weeks and two days crept by slowly, his journey finally cam to an end.
He had finally found a home he's always dreamt of, and there the rest of his life he would spend.
He had absolutely no regrets from leaving, Montana always did give him the blues.
Cold weather digs its way down to the bones, but now he could walk the beach without his shoes.

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Mar Caribe Lyrics

Tiffany Hulse – Mar Caribe Lyrics