[Verse 1]
Way down south, there's a little shack.
They cook the sandwich, that'll make your lips smack.
It's a hidden place, not many people know,
About the delicious grouper, down in Key Largo.

Groovy grouper, there they are swimming with the tide.
Caught and filleted, baked or fried.
Served on a hamburger bun, with a slice of cheese.
You can't get it nowhere else, like you get it in the Keys.

[Verse 2]
It won't be long 'til your order's up.
Fish sandwich with fries dunked in ketchup.
You've never had anything like it before.
You'll finish the first one, and you'll order one more.



[Verse 3]
So come on down, there's no better spot.
The drinks are cold, and the food is hot.
The next time you need to get away,
Take a trip down good ol' A1A.

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Groovy Grouper Lyrics

Tiffany Hulse – Groovy Grouper Lyrics