Straight out the streets of Memphis Tennesse
The robbery capitol of the you. S.
The 3 3 6 6 Mafiaaaaa

Because it ain't mystic styles
They live by there rep till the end
Comes a world domination
And when the smoke clears
They still was unbreakable
Bein the most known unknowns
But after winnin the oscar only some would last through the pressure
And be the last man standing dj pauly and juicy j the last 2 walk
[? ] it uppp we do we do drank it up we do we do
[? ] it up we do we do pump it up we we do
Watch and hear those crys bust a nigga head as he turns and crys
... Hahaha aw man get the fuck out of here your cda messed up
I had to fuck with cha a lil bit cause I'm gone and I'm lit but we finna give you some bump
Drop that shit [echos]
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Intro Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia – Intro Lyrics

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