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Doe Boy Fresh Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia – Doe Boy Fresh Lyrics

(Feat. Chamillionaire)

Dj Paul

Hypnotize Minds
Three 6 Mafia
Academy award winnas
We stronga then eva
For real
The last 2 walk
It's goin(howlin)
It's goin down!
Shut The fuck up!


I saty doe boy, doe, doe, doe boy fresh!
Yeeaa! Now what it is boy?
Doe boy, doe, doe, doe boy fresh!
Yeeaa! Now what it is boy?
Doe boy, doe, doe, doe boy fresh!
Yeeaa! Now what it is boy?
Doe boy, doe, doe, doe boy fresh!
Yeeaa! Now what it is boy?

Dj Paul

Anotha day, anotha dolla, anotha nite to make a hoe holla
I pop her cherry, then I pop ma colla
Pop brand new tags off the brand new clothes
Brush my hair back, and kick the ho out the door
Flip a quarter, see which ride I'm pullin out the garage
Wireless transmittas in the front of my barge
Pull a pack out, as if my body eva sinned
10 O'clock at nite, but my day just begin
07 Murcielago with the wings out
I usually neva drive it, but I heard the hos out
Fresher than a mint leave, smellin like a coca leave

Centa of attention, ho smilin cuz dey pose to be



[Verse 2:]

Hey! Streets kno how I get my grands, trynna snatch it betta switch ya plans
Pull a stack out my dickies pants, and slap a hata wit my bizznus hand
Keep a spare for that clip that jams, money like mike, and a pimp like ken!
Put some chromes unda that big Sedan, and I'm pimpin betta than Xzibit can!
And ur impressed behind my ear, lookin aquafina clear
If you don't like it come dispute it, do ya best 2 disapear
Yea! You kno what it is, don't call me chamillionaire
Now the world gotta address me as the hustla of the year!
And I'm the man to respect, I'm demandin respect
Or I'm commandin that cannon that do that damage to chests
Aint no hustla or anotha on this planet as fresh!
So wen I lift up my royal, hand my pinky rang shake ya pecks


Juicy J
[Verse 3:]

My cars inside peanut butta, outside jelly!
Flicka 26 is drankin, drakin wit my celly!
We takin real orders, talkin coke on that telly!
We choppin up that dope like a butcha in the deli!
You kno that purple kush will leave ur clothes all smelly!
But if you slangin pounds then ur pockets shuld b swelly!
I'm ballin till I'm fallen just like that movie belly!
I'm always stayin strapped for you niggas dat b petty!
Tote a 9, 9, 9, on the grind, grind, grind
I shine, shine, shine, jewelry blind, blind, blind
The time, time, time, yes it's prime, prime, prime
I'm takin over traps cuz they mine, mine, mine


I stay fresh, fresh, fresh, fr, fr, fr, fresh! (X8)
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