Lost somewhere deep behind the backs of my eyes
You tell me things but you don't tell me why
A freezing layer comes foreign to me
Groan expanded same tale not landed
All that mattered in an instant shattered
Believe in all of matter scheme
You think you know of what I dream
Fried and scattered I'm nothing like I seem
Bittersweat across the tracks
Knife is plunged into the back
Calculated risk fall through
Telling me what not to do
The sky is falling
Seen in the morning in the deepest ice
Fed upon by the starving lice
A freezing layer comes foreign to me
Reprimanded I cannot stand it
Life in soil encrusted boil
To see inside my huddled heap
You think I dream when I'm asleep
Wrapped in coil there's nothing I can keep
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Falling Sky Lyrics

Thoushaltnot – Falling Sky Lyrics